a re-fresh start

Do you enjoy the morning air? If you get up and breathe the air before the cars gets started; it’s truly refreshing and uplifting! The start of each day, with the gentle beginnings of life-giving sunlight, warmth and fresh air (and perhap singing birds) is like an invitation from God to draw near to Him […]

don’t beat the air – 1 Cor 9v26

Paul in his defense of his apostolic ministry used this phrase to highlight how intentional and focused he was in reaching the unsaved: ‘not beating the air’ (NIV) For Churchlife, this challenge comes in two ways. First, we must discern which doors and opportunities to take up. This can mean preaching, writing, as well as making time […]

the nub of submission

Hands up if you feel edgy whenever you feel you are ‘following’? Well, from pastors to members, men to women, young to old, we all wrestle with submission. Husbands and wives, pastors and members – we all accept the sad verdict that submission is not going to  come easy. So we cajole, persuade, bribe, threaten…. […]

a new year!

Wow. here we are at the doorway to more than 300 days of possibilities. Sounds like propaganda now that we have decided to call Singapore the isle of possibilities! ha. But the official word is not too far off the mark! When we consider that we trust and serve a God who works actively, acts lovingly, seeks […]

still not enough pastors?

From the smaller churches to the large mainstream denominations we encoutner a similar dilemma: not enough pastors. As we move beyond the confines of our denomination, we meet with even more pastors and churches that struggle; they struggle to stay together, they struggle to stay alive, they struggle to make sense of why their good intentions and […]