Struggling Christians!

I know we are all thinking in terms of the current economic gloom. Yes, that is indeed painful for some – and – as a family we must reach out to lift up. No one within the family should be needy. Not when we are called to reach beyond our family in Christ to a really […]

how our lives unfold in regard to…

08 was a very significant year for us. Churchlife! grew and reached a wide spectrum of churches; and we worked out a partnership with Riverlife church that we hope would be a synergistic growth path for us both. These are not a result of human endeavour. Instead, we see God’s hand working to lead, stretch, […]

Great and Near

Nearly twenty years ago, a group of theologians wrote about how our thinking and experience of God swings between God’s Greatness (Transcendence) and His Nearness (Immanence). It is hard for us to grasp BOTH at the same time. We associate Greatness, Holiness and Might with distance. While we associate God’s peace, mercy and comfort as […]

the dangers of fear

From Spurgeon (modernised): Christian, do not dread the possibility of bad news. After all, if bad news distresses you, in what way are you different from other men? Others do not have your God to fly to; they have never experienced His faithfulness. Naturally, they are bowed with care and cowed by alarm and fear. […]

for or against?

With the American presidential elections on, people are taking sides on a variety of issues. Jesus too mentioned the need to take sides: “he who is not for me is against me”. We should ask, what does Jesus have in mind? what does Jesus see as being for him? For most of us. agreeing means […]