Sometimes the Word of God – the Bible – becomes so familiar to us that its authority and its weight of truth can fade…this is the danger of knowing the Word. God is calling us to live in and live out the Word. Sometimes He has to let things happen to us. Or even let […]

info overload?

We live in amazing times. Life has never been so luxurious and indulgent and so pathetically impoverished all at once. We can cheer on total strangers, write and opine, whine and beoman, campaign and complain… with the internet especially, we seem to know so much and have so much to do… As Christians who want […]

GST credits

With the financial woes around the world, the Singapore government has come up with an inventive scheme to give citizens money; called credits. Employers are given credits, ordinary folks are given credits — to hedge against rising costs, loss of jobs and hardships. Many are glad and some rile that it’s little and in effective. But this […]

Struggling Christians!

I know we are all thinking in terms of the current economic gloom. Yes, that is indeed painful for some – and – as a family we must reach out to lift up. No one within the family should be needy. Not when we are called to reach beyond our family in Christ to a really […]

how our lives unfold in regard to…

08 was a very significant year for us. Churchlife! grew and reached a wide spectrum of churches; and we worked out a partnership with Riverlife church that we hope would be a synergistic growth path for us both. These are not a result of human endeavour. Instead, we see God’s hand working to lead, stretch, […]