ending 09 well

Another year will soon come to an end. In true Singapore style, we will start to hear people moaning about how how fast time has flown and what a lot remians to be done…friends we have not caught up with, targets unmet, changes not implemented, hearts not settled… How shall we end the year well? […]

what a privilege

we were visiting one of the cells in church. the worship was smiple.the group was small…but there was a hunger and an opening of hearts before the LORD..and suddenly i just felt it is such an incredible, amazing, wondrous privilege to be able to say “I love you LORD” Just think, when u say ‘i […]

when GOD is for you

we think GOD is for us when He approves of us, blesses us, protects us, and gives us a great day. No. GOD is for us. In his perfect wisdom, purity and power, love, goodness and grace – that means He will never let go of who are truly deeply are. We do not know […]

stranger christians?

this term sounds oxymoron right? a fellow Chrisitan should NOT be a stranger. we share eternal bonds! Yet.. I (jenni) talk to strangers. Today, i spoke to 3 women who shared my table at the coffee shop. What struck me was how cuatious and uninteresting they were compared to some more energetic, feisty totally stranger-folks […]


Sometimes the Word of God – the Bible – becomes so familiar to us that its authority and its weight of truth can fade…this is the danger of knowing the Word. God is calling us to live in and live out the Word. Sometimes He has to let things happen to us. Or even let […]