for or against?

With the American presidential elections on, people are taking sides on a variety of issues.

Jesus too mentioned the need to take sides: “he who is not for me is against me”. We should ask, what does Jesus have in mind? what does Jesus see as being for him?

For most of us. agreeing means we agree to a thought or idea. But there is more. Jesus is looking for a deep heart agreement that shows in action. The Pharisees claim to seek God’s will as Jesus does; but they were unable to discern Jesus identity and mission. What about us? How much of the person and purpose of Jesus do we really understand and live for?

So many things can get in the way. The fear of failure, the cost of sacrifice, the possible rejection, the approval of man. None of these can be overcome by clear thinking alone. Indeed, without being on our knees in desperation because we realise how fraudulent we can be, there is no way for grace to lift us up and set us upon a rock.
When grace has been poured out; stand up, be strong and be courageous.