What is ChurchLife Resources?

Founded in 2006, ChurchLife! has ministered to over 90 churches & organisations in various capacities in the past years. It has consulted for church plants (under 50), mid-sized churches (100-800) and mega-churches (up to 3000), in arenas of

  • pulpit ministry, board leaders, and ministry leader coaching,
  • leadership and ministry development,
  • specialized training programs, ministries and discipleship frame-works

Churchlife Resources, a team of pastors and staff with pastoral experiences seek to come alongside local church pastors and leaders to:

  • Encourage the heart:

    • We believe in the local church together
    • We pray and journey with empathy and identity
    • We understand the unique needs and challenges of pastoral leadership
  • Empower with help:

    • By discerning intentionally and objectively
    • By moving strategically
    • By focusing resources to fulfil objectives

We do this because we believe that the Local church is God’s hope for the world and so –

  • God’s church is meant to grow both in Christ-like character and in numbers (Matthew 16:33)
  • She is the primary vehicle of God’s impact on communities (Body of Christ)
  • The Gospel is the best power to change the human heart
  • The church is meant to help people see what God looks like

For this, God brings various gifts and offices to help the growth of the local church. The Bible describes apostolic, prophetic, pastoral, teaching and evangelistic functions that empower and help equip churches, and mentions preachers and teachers who encourage the church that are distinct from local shepherds of the church. The ministry and presence of these gifts benefit the church as

  • they are able to discern objectively with “fresh eyes” being from the outside,
  • they are able to move intentionally and quickly to address issues that have been identified
  • they are able to focus resources, specialties and gifts refined through a broad exposure, that may not be found in the local church

Churchlife Resources seeks to serve local churches because

  • we believe that every church has a God-called destiny when they rise up to fulfil their purpose to the communities
  • we understand the burdens and responsibilities of leaders and overseers and desire to journey and encourage them
  • we have been, and are, pastors with a diversity of experience in several denominations and contexts. We have experienced victories and defeats and understand the price of leading and shepherding a community.

As such, we seek to journey with, and help churches rise to their next level of health and growth!