ending 09 well

Another year will soon come to an end. In true Singapore style, we will start to hear people moaning about how how fast time has flown and what a lot remians to be done…friends we have not caught up with, targets unmet, changes not implemented, hearts not settled…

How shall we end the year well? What herculean effort will it require from us – so that we can enter a new year with hope and look back with faith that our lives have counted?

If it’s faith and hope we want, then love is the cement, the anchor and the north start.

Love calls forth faith – to believe, to try, to risk.
Love calls out hope – to anticipate, to dream, to dare.

But of course, if we looked at our hearts or look to one another, we may more likely find doubt, disbelief and at best unsteady goodness.

So to end 09 well, make time for LOVE to visit afresh.