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ChurchLife Resources was birthed out of a deep belief that the hope of impacting the world lies in communities of believers that make a commitment to be people of God, and to fulfil the purposes of God–the local church.

The local church is God’s hope for the world…however, there are seasons when outside resources are needed to help the local church to grow. ChurchLife Resoures desires to partner pastors and leaders of local churches to develop healthy and growing churches.....


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A Work of Heart – When God Shapes the Soul of a Leader…

“This course helped me to look deeper into myself and allowed me the space to discover what God wants to say to me during this period of time. It is a good course for anyone in learning to caring for our soul, which is much needed yet neglected.”

A Work of Heart – When God Shapes the Soul of a Leader…

“This course is biblically sound and tremendously practical and useful. It draws the leader to attend to critical issues of spiritual formation that often go unnoticed to a leader’s detainment. I have found the course to be personally very useful and foresee drawing upon the lessons for years to come.”

A Work of Heart – When God Shapes the Soul of a Leader…

I recommend this course to churches which are experiencing discouragement and fatigue in their leadership, and also to leaders who are anxious to take their church to the “next level”.

Spiritual Journaling 

Responses from students and participants: …”very effective use of exercises”… …”very charismatic, direct and inspiring”… …”very informative and give a lot of scriptural references”…  …Jenni’s “very nice” and “very good at communicating the topic” .

Discipleship Architecture

“The consultation with Dr Philip Huan has given our church a clear picture of where we want to go, pathways to the destination and some tools to help us get there. It has given us a platform for building unity and purposeful action. It has given us hope and we

Worship Training

“Pastor Philip has truly blessed our music ministry at St. John’s Chapel when we invited him to speak and minister to us on 2 occasions.  Most recently, he visited us again by speaking to us on “names of a worship minister” at a music boot camp we conducted.  He has

Worship Training

“This was a timely seminar to remind myself why I was called to be in the ministry of worship. I was going through a season of operating in the flesh when serving. I’d lost the joy and purpose. One of the verses shared, 2 Chronicles 29:11, was a reminder to

Preaching Coaching

“For slightly more than a year, I tried to help a staff regarding sermon preparation. The staff’s sermons lacked logical flow of thought and focus, needing repeated correction and editing. When I sent the staff to Dr Philip Huan for 2 sessions, the person came back with much improvement in

Leadership Training

“All Saints’ English has been  richly blessed by God ever since we started a mentoring relationship with Revd Dr. Philip Huan in 2007. Our leadership have benefitted much from the impartation of his wisdom, experiences, coaching and training in our transition as an intentional disciple making church. At the pulpit

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